Jump-Start Your New Year’s Fitness Goals.

Will this be the year you stop procrastinating and get healthy? The year you adopt a regular exercise routine, and stick to it? Follow these five tips, and jump-start your chance for long-term success.

Make a fitness date

Visual reminders work. So treat your workout like any other appointment in life, and make it a priority. Putting exercise on the calendar can help make the commitment stick. It says to you, and your family, that your workout is important. And that you’re making time for it, no matter what. So type that morning run or weekend spinning class into your smartphone. Or write it on the mudroom chalkboard. It’s a positive first step.

Change your eating habits

You’ve made a habit of post-workout lattes, drive-through lunches and evening snacking. Time to redirect, and be proactive with not just your exercise, but your nutrition habits. You can start by eliminating unhealthy foods and temptations from the pantry and fridge. Reduce portions with the simple act of reducing your plate size. And be sure to start a daily food journal for a true picture of what and how much you eat.

Get up, Get moving

The more you move, the better. So walk around while you talk on the phone. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park further from work or the mall. Ramp up the speed by which you do household chores. Take the pup for an extra walk. Even fidgeting burns calories. Little changes can make a big difference in building strength and endurance.

Bring a Friend

When you start your fitness journey with a friend, you’ll increase your chance for success. That’s because working out with someone will keep you accountable to your fitness goals, plus make your exercise time more fun. A fitness pal will provide you with a camaraderie, support and inspiration. And maybe even some healthy competition. So partner up.

Mix It Up

Exercise routines can be so well, routine. Which is why we recommend adding variety to your workout regimen. If you’ve been doing a lot of cardio, add some strength training. If you’ve been heavy on the weights, put them down and go for a jog. When it comes to exercise, variety is the spice of life. You’ll stimulate different muscle groups and prevent boredom.