It has a special place in your wallet. It represents all the security of the Cross and Shield. It’s your Blue KC insurance card, and it’s proof of your insurance. Here’s a handy breakdown on what the information that’s on it means.

Insurance Matters Card Image Insurance Matters Card Image
Need a Replacement Card?
To order a new or replacement ID card, simply visit You can even print or email a copy of the card for you and anyone covered under your policy.

1 Member Number

This number is used to identify you and your policy. It contains a three letter alpha prefix, followed by your ID number. You do not need to include the alpha prefix when providing your ID number.

2 Suffix

This number is unique for each member covered on your policy.

3 Group Number

This number is used to classify members into groups, usually by an employer or direct pay group.

4 Plan Type

Your card might have a label like HMO, PPO, HSA, Open or another word to describe the type of plan you have.

5 Customer Service Phone Number

Call us if you have questions about finding a provider or for clarification on what your coverage includes.

6 Network Name

Network of hospitals, doctors & other healthcare providers that accept your Blue KC policy. It's important to see providers in your network to maximize the benefits of your policy.

7 Copayment

If your plan has copays, this section lists the amount you can expect to pay for common services, such as a doctor's visit or a trip to the emergency room.