How well do you know your insurance card? Does it have a special place in your wallet? Did you know that it represents all the security of the Cross and Shield? Your Blue KC insurance card is proof of your insurance. Here's a handy breakdown on what the information that's on it means.

Blue KC Member Card

Need a replacement card?
To order a new or replacement ID card, simply visit You can even print or email a copy of the card for you and anyone covered under your policy.

  • Member Number

    This number is how we identify you and your policy. It’s also what providers use to file claims on your behalf.

  • Group number

    This number is used to classify our members, usually by their employer.

  • Plan Type

    This describes what type of insurance plan you have (for example, a PPO plan).

  • Customer Service Phone Number

    Call this number when you have a question about your Blue KC policy. Our Customer Service staff is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Central Time.

  • Network Name

    This is the network of hospitals, physicians, and pharmacies that accept your Blue KC policy. It's essential that you see healthcare providers who are in your network to ensure you maximize the benefits of your policy.

  • Copayment

    If your plan has copayments, this is the amount you pay each time you receive a covered healthcare service.

  • Suitcase

    Some Blue KC members have access to our “Blue Card” program, which extends the benefits of your Blue KC plan to all 50 states.