It’s like walking, but in nature.
Are we going somewhere?
Yes, back where we started.
- The first humans to invent hiking (unofficial)

Hiking has been around since, well, since there have been people walking upright. It’s always been a way to get around, a way to explore, to lose yourself in a stroll, and recently – a great form of exercise. Hiking is an excellent form of cardio for your heart, it strengthens your hips and legs, and can help center your mind. With all these great benefits, it’s no wonder more and more people are enjoying the nature of, nature. But before you set out into the wild, here are a couple easy tips to ensure your hike is as successful as possible.


It’s important to wear the right clothing when going on a hike. The key is layers. Layers allow you to take off or put on clothing depending on temperature. Also, if you're worried about poison ivy or exposure to the sun, make sure to wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts.


Before you think about gear, ask yourself, what kind of hike am I about to go on. Are you going on a quick leisurely 30-minute hike through a community park or a 12-hour hike across a sparsely populated national park? Each will require its own quantity of gear that you’ll need to carry.


"But I’m in the woods"; doesn’t matter, wear sunscreen. "But I’m under the shade"; doesn’t matter, wear sunscreen. "But it’s cloudy out"; doesn’t matter, wear sunscreen. You get the point. Apply and reapply. You’ll thank us later.


No matter the distance, bring water. Like we said earlier, hiking is a workout. Bring plenty of water. When in doubt, remember, it’s better to bring too much than not enough.


Here’s a helpful hint, the GPS on your phone might not work in some of the places you hike. The more remote, the more likely that you won’t be able to rely on it. Bringing along a map and compass will help in making sure you can find your way back.

Tell someone

It's essential that someone knows you're going out for a hike. If the unexpected happens and you need assistance, it's important that someone knows you're missing, otherwise help will be delayed. Whenever or wherever you go out for a hike, make sure someone knows when and the route you plan on hiking.